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The fastest, easiest way to sell your company

The Problem : We believe that there are many great entrepreneurs trapped in businesses they can't exit. They may have lost their passion, want to retire, or are interested in building another business.

The Solution : Greyfalcon helps you sell your business 10x faster. Our founders know how hard it can be to sell a business, which is why we make it easy for you. We assist you with everything from pricing to choosing the right buyer for your business.

Position your company to achieve maximum value in a sale by planning ahead. Optimize your marketing, sales, production, people, space, and metrics so that you put your best foot forward for buyers.
Find out what your business is worth. We prepare cost-efficient valuations, whether you want a broker opinion of value / most probable selling price (MPSP).
After the engagement agreement is signed, We will also begin inside diligence process, where we assemble the information a buyer would want.
We take your business to market and begin sourcing and screening buyers. Only serious buyers who have signed an NDA and demonstrated their financial ability to purchase will be invited to meet you to discuss the business.
Once an LOI is signed by both parties, the buyer will have a period to confirm the information provided about your business, as well as learn additional details. This builds upon any diligence provided prior to the LOI / purchase agreement. Usually, as a show of good faith to the buyer for its time and the expenses incurred during this process, you agree to an exclusivity period (a “no-shop”) where you take the business off the market.
When the deal is ready to close, an escrow service handles the actual disbursement of funds and related matters. When funds are released to you, escrow also releases our fee.
Depending on the transaction, the owner may stay on for a time to assist in the transition. These details will be agreed upon in the definitive transaction documents.
With the transaction and transition complete, you are free to explore other opportunities and interests (or just relax for a bit).