The role of an IPO readiness consultant is critical as going public is a complex and highly regulated process. Our expertise helps your company navigate the challenges, optimize your financial standing, and present yourself attractive to potential investors in the public markets.

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What problem does we solve?

The IPO landscape is constantly changing due to various factors, such as shifts in the global financial landscape and interest rates. Thus For organizations seeking to raise capital and pursue an IPO, it is crucial to use accurate information to make strategic decisions at the appropriate moments.

The Problem : Many people misunderstand IPOs; they think it's the final destination, but that's not true. An IPO is actually the beginning of a new, long journey that requires sufficient preparation. If you fail to prepare adequately for your IPO, it will likely result in failure, and you may face a lack of capital along the way, ultimately leading to the failure of your company.

The Solution : Seeking external expertise maybe the best decision for your company to guide you to go public, you will learn how to avoid very expensive mistakes before they happen by understand which strategy to use, how to use it, when to use it and how to manage your company after IPO.

How We Help
Our expert team will conducts a thorough evaluation of your company's financial and operational health to determine if it is ready to go public. We will assess factors such as revenue growth, profitability, competitive positioning, future growth potential and potential risks.

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We will works with your company's internal legal and accounting teams to ensure that the financial statements are accurate, your cap table structure is solid, you financial report audited, and compliant with the standards set by regulatory bodies or Indonesia Stock Exchange and Otoritas Jasa Keuangan.

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The prospectus is a key document that outlines essential information about the company, its business, risks, and financials. We will assists in preparing this document to meet regulatory standards and appeal to potential investors and helps you through underwriting and investor negotiations.

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We will help your company to navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements and ensure that the company is in full compliance with all relevant securities laws and regulations.

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The first step is to conduct an initial consultation with the client. During this meeting, we will aim to understand your specific financial needs, business goals, and challenges. We will Ask questions to gather relevant information about their company's financial situation, growth objectives, risk tolerance, and any existing financial strategies in place.
After the initial consultation, we work on developing a personalized financial solutions proposal for you. This proposal will outline the services we will provide, the scope and the strategies of the project, pricing and the benefits you can expect to achieve.
Once the you agrees to our proposal, it's time to implement the financial solutions. This phase involves executing the strategies, such as arranging negotiations, optimizing capital structure, managing debt, restructuring or facilitating fundraising activities based on the service you choose.
Once all the defined deliferrable has been accomplished, we will collect all the payment and will handover the projects to you. Hope we can be your long and recurring partner
General FAQs

Engaging an IPO readiness consultant offers several key benefits. We provide expert guidance and experience in navigating the complex IPO process, ensuring your company is well-prepared for the rigorous journey to becoming a publicly traded company. Our services focus on financial preparedness, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance enhancement, all of which contribute to a successful IPO and help instill confidence in potential investors.

The timeline for the IPO readiness process can vary depending on the complexity and readiness of your company. On average, it can take 6 months to 2 year or more. Factors such as financial health, existing governance structures, and regulatory compliance status can influence the duration. We work closely with your team to assess your specific needs and provide a tailored timeline for your company.

Depand on what service you take from us and your payment structure. We will compensated through various fee structures, such as fixed fees, hourly rates, or success-based fees (often a percentage of the IPO's value), or a combination of these. The specific compensation arrangement will be outlined in the advisory agreement.

We offer post-IPO support to help your company navigate the challenges of being a publicly traded entity. Our services include investor relations support, corporate governance advisement, and assistance in complying with ongoing reporting requirements.